Annual Halloween Party at Cafe L' Europe
One of Palm Beach's Most Fun Traditions
October 31, 2007

Avril Lauria, left, with Cafe L' Europe Co-Owner Lidia Goldner
Cafe L' Europe Co-Owner Norbert Goldner, left, with
Master of Ceremonies Mel Urban
First Place Winners Dr. Richard Caruso and DD Busch
(Standing L-R) Susanne Ry Pederson, Avril Lauria
(Sitting) Lisa Von Cappenolle, Hayden Hosford
Donald and Sher Kasun
Sunny and Lenny Sessa, Costume Winners!
(L-R) Lynn Phillips (costume winner and birthday girl)
and Marianthi Dilenge
(L-R) Teresa Ann Kitcher with Marsha Fontanive
Nikki and Raul Pupo - Creative Costume Winners
Marcia Kay and Bjorn Iveren - Winning Costumes
Larry and Lorrie Winnerman - Winning Costumes
Mary Frances Turner with Russell Sherrill, Costume Winners
Pam and Rick Cherry - Costume Winners
(L-R) Daniel Smith, Jennifer McHenry,
Patrick Forte, Bruce Strickland
Photo's by Palm Beach Today Society Editor
Maya Johnson
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Maya Johnson

A beautiful end to a great
night at Cafe L' Europe is
Lisa Von Cappenolle and,right, Susan Ry Pederson