Masha Archer Art to Wear Jewelry Design is pleased to announce a new collection to be displayed exclusively at Florida Trunk Shows.

Meet the Artist! MASHA ARCHER
will appear at Saks Fifth Avenue in:
Palm Beach Gardens: March 20 – 22, 561-694-9009
Bal Harbour: March 26 – 29, 305-865-1100

Masha Archer’s jewelry is unrivaled in its bold and expressive styles, combining a myriad of artistic influences and exotic materials to function as wearable art.  Like Florida society, Masha’s jewelry embraces brilliant colors and eclectic style.  Pictured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Ocean Drive, Florida International, Complot, Escenario, VEA, VIVE, and Vanidades, amongst others, Masha’s jewelry has proven a perfect complement to Florida style.

Other upcoming Saks Fifth Avenue Trunk Shows:
Apr 9 ~ 12 • Thu - Sun
Phipps Plaza, 3440 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Apr 17 ~ 19 • Fri Sat Sun
Prudential Center, Boston, MA 02199

New York
Apr 23 ~ 25 • Thu Fri Sat
611 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10022

You can always visit Masha on the web at

Please contact us if you would like a complete media kit, including photos, press notices, and a CDROM copy of Masha’s website and a DVD of The Ritual of the Eye, a film by Gyorgy Vlasenko about Masha’s life and art.

Internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Masha Archer was born Maria Muchin in Kiev, Ukraine.  Masha’s parents, Sophia and Mykola Muchin, were artists and teachers of painting and sculpture at the Kiev and Kharkov Art institutes.  Masha spent the post-war years with her family in Europe until they immigrated to the United States in 1949.  Masha studied painting and graphic design at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York until she relocated to Mexico City to work as a restorer and exhibitor at the Museo Nacional de Mexico.
It was while living in Mexico that Masha met her husband, photographer Charles Archer.  After having their first child together, daughter Maya, Masha and Charles moved to Tucson.  Masha was greatly inspired by the southwest, and began designing jewelry and clothing in Tucson.  In 1967 Masha relocated to the city that she still calls home, San Francisco, where she and Charles later had their second daughter Larissa.
Masha’s work reflects her philosophy that all forms of art are a fusion of cultural influences and life experiences.  The dramatic exoticism of her jewelry demonstrates her ability to infuse her work with her own rich heritage and background.  As Masha states, anything that she has seen and loved is still within her, and has subsequently influenced her designs.  Masha’s work elegantly walks the line between art and jewelry, and her signature look has left an indelible impression on the art world.  Named "Art-to-Wear Jewelry Designer, USA" by the New York Fashion Group, Masha Archer has been changing the way we see jewelry, fashion and design for nearly four decades.


Masha Archer’s jewelry combines a myriad of artistic influences and exotic materials to function as wearable art.  Her designs are bold and powerful, achieving a harmony of color and texture that is enriched by the movement of the body.  Masha’s inspirations are too numerous to list, for they arise not only from her cultural heritage but also from her passion for all forms of artistic expression.  The materials she works with are innumerable as well; beads rendered from jade, turquoise, coral, silver, and more, as well as tribal objects, antique ornaments, coins, and fetishes from all corners of the world.  Masha skillfully combines all of these elements into each piece of jewelry, creating individual art objects that express her innovative and unique vision.

Masha’s jewelry has firmly established her as a premier figure in the world of Art-to-Wear jewelry.  The collectors of her work are as numerous and diverse as are her inspirations and designs.  Masha’s creations are praised by both the design and art communities, and her influence transcends artistic boundaries. 


• Barbara Walters
• Laura Bush
• Beyonce Knowles
• Joan Collins
• Placido Domingo
• Mrs. Larry King
• Susan Lucci
• Elaine Wynn
• HRH Princess Turki Bin Nasser
• Gene Hackman
• Jennifer Love Hewitt
• Olga Borodina
• Mrs. Norman Lear
• Shawn Southwick-King and Larry King
• (Raul Julia)
• Gladys Knight 
• Iris Apfel
• Samuel Ramey
• Ivana Trump
• Oprah Winfrey
• Sex and the City: The Movie
• Harrison Ford / Calista Flockhart
• Rita Moreno
• Sylvia Chase
• Mary Wilson (The Supremes)
• Erin Brockovich
• Colleen Zenk Pinter
• Clint Eastwood
• Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer

A film by Gyorgy Vlasenko

This film presents an intimate portrait of the artist, Masha Archer, as she explores her own artistic inspirations and origins.  The viewer goes on a privileged journey through Masha’s life, meeting the people who enrich her world, learning about the history that has informed her oeuvre.  As described in the film by a collector of her work, “(Masha’s jewelry is) an exotic blend of old and new… arranged to respond to the movements of the body … (so that) the jewelry becomes an extension of the personality.”

Masha’s visit to the city of her birth, Kiev, is the centerpiece of this film.  The viewer learns of Masha’s Ukrainian origins, and how the artistic practice of her parents led her to explore her own impulses as an artist.  As Masha states: “My work is really an outgrowth of what I learned from them.”

The film illustrates how Masha’s artistic passions extend beyond jewelry making to a multitude of artistic expressions, including painting, fashion design, and belly dancing.  The viewer learns that for Masha there is a harmony amongst all of her artistic interests, which ultimately arise out of a desire to decorate the body with living, wearable art.  Masha’s passion for music and the opera is a clear source of inspiration for her as well.  Masha discusses how she works to achieve a harmony and rhythm in the arrangement of color in her pieces.  Lofti Mansouri, San Francisco Opera Artistic Director, describes Masha’s jewelry as “very operatic” because of its grandeur and bold use of color.

In the film, Masha visits many of the important figures in the arts who have supported her endeavors, including Margaret Lesher, sculptors Anatole Bilokur and Pyotr Kapshuchenko, art historian Irina Blumina, collector Olenna Fesczaizk, and actress Raissa Nedashkivska.  Theater director Roman Viktiuk eloquently sums up Masha’s achievements as an artist: “only a person who so finely feels the harmony of the earth and heavens can so wonderfully create these amazing theatrical compositions.” 

Saks Fifth Avenue

Selected Locations Nationwide

New York City • Boston • Pittsburgh • Frontenac • Bergen County
Atlanta • Chevy Chase • Charleston
Bal Harbour • Dadeland • Boca Raton • Palm Beach • Orlando
Chicago Place Mall • Phoenix • Denver • Las Vegas
Dallas • San Antonio
Palm Desert • Mission Viejo • San Diego • Portland

Also Available at:
Object Design Wearable Art Gallery • Granville Island, Vancouver, BC • 604-683-7763  
Glass Symphony • Bend, OR • 541.388.0331 
Objects Gallery • Montecito, California • 805.565.3335 
Facets Gallery • Pasadena, CA 91101 • 626.304.9765  
Seaside Gems • Pacifica, California • 650.738.8247 
Craft and Folk Art Museum • Los Angeles CA • 323.937.4230 
Georgia Tapert Living • New York, New York • 212.334.7969  
FireBird Restaurant • New York, New York • 212.586.0244  
The Ukrainian Museum Gift Store • New York, New York • 212.228.0110 
Keith Lipert Gallery • Washington DC • 202.965.9736 
Alla Rogers Gallery • Washington DC • 202.333.8595 
The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts Gift Shop
West Palm Beach FL • 561.651.4210 
Ritz-Carlton Hotel Gallery • Naples FL • 239.598.3300 
Women’s Echoes • Aiken, SC • 803.644.1093 
Asian Village • Edwards, Colorado • 970.926.6188 
Origins • Santa Fe, New Mexico • 505.988.2323  
Jest Gallery • Whitefish, Montana • 406.862.5777  
Jest Gallery • Mountain Lake Lodge
Bigfork, Montana • 406.837.3800  
J D Gray’s Designer Jewelry • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho • 208.667.8189  
Camellia Accessorios • Puerto Rico • Maribel Aguayo • 787-783-7715  
the Desert House Collection •   
ROUBI L’ROUBI • 13 norton folgate • London, E1 • +44 (0)20 7247 4311 
Mariinsky Theatre Gift Shop • Teatralnaya Square, St Petersburg, 190000
Phone: +7.812.114.1211
Masha Archer, second from left in black, has been at Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach
showing her extraordinary jewelry, and was joined today by, leff to right, Danielle
deBenedictis, Maya Johnson, Victoria Hagerty and Palm Beach Today co-publisher, Martini.
Below, left to right, Lynn Walters, Masha, and Joan Winter. Photos by Ronald Tee Johnson
Carl and Iris Apfel at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Gala
Saturday, March 14th with a necklace designed by, who else?

Photos by
Ronald Tee Johnson
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Noted jewelry designer Masha Archer of San Francisco (middle)
Photos by
Ronald Tee Johnson
Masha's fabulous jewelry designs are at
Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide.
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